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Huffman Hazen Laboratories has been providing chemical microanalytical services to industrial, academic and governmental scientists since Huffman Lab’s inception in 1936.  The foundation of excellence and integrity forged during those early years propelled the family-owned independent laboratory into the forefront of elemental analysis in the 21st century.  Today we routinely analyze for most of the elements on the periodic table in a wide variety of matrices, including (but not limited to):

  • Environmental samples – water, soil, air, sediment, biota, sampling filters & traps
  • Geologic samples – rocks, minerals, ores and process samples
  • Synthesized organics, organometallics, and inorganic samples
  • Biomass – plant and animal tissues and extracts
  • Petroleum products and derivatives
  • Pulp and paper related materials
  • Coal and coal derived materials
  • Industrial process samples
  • Oil shale and shale oil
  • Natural products
  • Biomedical
  • Pilot Plants
Huffman Laboratories Inc.