Huffman Laboratories Inc. Welcome

Customer Comments

Here are some of the things our customers say about Huffman Labs:

“I appreciate your attention to producing high quality results. I have spoken many times with Ed Huffman and Ron Keil, and I appreciate being able to talk lab, techniques, methods etc. with them. I often refer customers to you, and when we have projects that need routine analytical work we always send the samples to you.”  —  Joe R.


“Extremely helpful! Very capable. Highly reliable!”  —  Abbas M.


“Ron Keil, laboratory director, has been a fantastic contact over the years. He is friendly, competent, helpful and very much customer service oriented. One of the best in the business.”  —  Tim R.

“The staff have always been responsive and helpful when I have had technical or price questions.”  —  
Kurt L.


“Thanks again for one more example of Huffman’s excellent customer assistance.”  —  Allen H.


“Huffman does a great job and I’m glad we have them available!”  —  Jesse H.


“Long Standing Relationship, great confidence in their work.”  —  Dave D.


“I work for another laboratory, but we sub a lot of parameters we cannot accommodate here to Huffman. They are responsive and easy to work with compared to some of the other labs we have to use.”  —  Renea R.


“The ‘intake’ discussions with Ron Keil always give me confidence that the work I need will be done appropriately, with consideration of interferences, solubilities, and other analytical challenges.”  —  Karen M.