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Water Analysis

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment certifies Huffman Hazen Laboratories for drinking water analyses for organic carbon, trace metals, nitrate, nitrite, and fluoride.

We are also certified by the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) for determining very low-levels of metals in natural surface waters.

So, whether you need to analyze drinking water, waste water, ground water, stream/river/lake water, industrial water (e.g., plant cooling water, etc.) or other types of waters, rely on us for your analytical needs.


Prices shown are “per sample”, and may be subject to MINIMUM CHARGES and/or DISCOUNT PRICING. See the GETTING STARTED page for more information.

Water or waste water samples may require filtration, digestion or other sample preparation prior to analysis in compliance with certain methods and protocols. See the SAMPLE PREPARATION FOR METALS ANALYSIS section for applicable charges.

Colorado State Drinking Water Package for TOC   $175.00
Colorado State Drinking Water Package for SUVA   $180.00




5 samples per test minimum charge


Acidity   $30.00
Alkalinity (Total as CaCO3)   $25.00
Alkalinity (OH-, CO3=, HCO3-, Total)   $35.00
Bromide (see Ion Chromatography or ICP-MS)    
Carbon Dioxide   $30.00
Chloride by Titration (also see Ion Chromatography)   $40.00
Conductance, Specific   $20.00
Fluoride by ISE (also see Ion Chromatography)   $40.00
Hardness (EDTA)   $40.00
Iodide (see Ion Chromatography or ICP-MS)    
Metals (see Metals Analysis)    
Nitrogen, Ammonia (NH4+)   $40.00
Nitrogen, Nitrate (NO3-) (see  Ion Chromatography)    
Nitrogen, Nitrite (NO2-) (see Ion Chromatography)    
Nitrogen, Total Kjeldahl (TKN)   $50.00
Nitrogen, Total (by chemiluminescence)   $50.00
pH   $20.00
Phosphorus, Ortho-Phosphate (see Ion Chromatography)    
Phosphorus, Total (see ICP-AES)    
Silica, Dissolved (as SiO2)   $40.00
Solids, Dissolved (TDS)   $40.00
Solids, Total Suspended (TSS)   $40.00
Solids, Total (TS)   $30.00
Solids, Total Volatile (TVS – requires TS)   $30.00
Sulfur, Total (see ICP-AES)    
Sulfur, Sulfate (SO4=) (see Ion Chromatography)    
Sulfur, Sulfide (S=)   $50.00
Sulfur, Sulfite (SO3=) (see Ion Chromatography)    
Sulfur, Thiosulfate (S2O3=) (see Ion Chromatography)    
Thiocyanate (SCN-)   Inquire
Turbidity   $30.00
UV absorbance   $40.00



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