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ICP-AES Analysis (ICP-OES Analysis)

Inductively-Coupled Plasma – Atomic (Optical) Emission Spectroscopy 

Most elements that have atomic emissions within the range of about 180 – 670 nm can be determined by this technique. In clean matrices such as deionized water, detection limits are sub parts per million (mg/l) for the majority of these elements. Quantifiable elements and actual detection limits vary with sample matrix and any required sample decompositions.


Prices shown are “per sample”, and may be subject to MINIMUM CHARGES and/or DISCOUNT PRICING. See the GETTING STARTED page for more information.

  • 5 samples per test minimum charge


ICP-AES sample setup   $30.00
Each element (in the same solution)   $10.00
ICP-AES Scan for approx. 30 elements (in a single solution)   $260.00
Both ICP-AES and ICP-MS Scan (in a single solution)   $470.00



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