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Organic Carbon Analysis

Prices shown are “per sample”, and may be subject to MINIMUM CHARGES and/or DISCOUNT PRICING. See the GETTING STARTED page for more information.

  • 2 samples per test minimum charge


    Single Analysis Duplicate Analysis Quad Analysis
Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in water1   $30.00 $55.00 $90.00
Trace Total Organic Carbon (TOC)2 in water   $40.00 $65.00 $100.00³
Dissolved Organic Carbon (DOC)   Add $20.00 filtering charge per filtration to TOC or trace TOC charge
Total Organic Carbon by Difference soil1   $45.00 $80.00 $135.00
Total Organic Carbon by Acidification4 soil   $45.00 $80.00 $135.00
Colorado State Drinking Water Package for TOC5   $175.00    
Colorado State Drinking Water Package for SUVA6   $180.00    
Certified Clean TOC Bottles (per bottle)   $3.00 (Plus $10.00 minimum shipping charge to ship these to you)


SPECIALTY CARBON ANALYSIS: We use a programmable infrared furnace as well as conventional resistance furnaces to provide controlled temperature gradients up to 1000°C to allow us to monitor CO2 evolution from the pyrolysis or combustion of various materials. These techniques are valuable for distinguishing between organic and elemental carbon, both in bulk samples and on surfaces.

  1. Several different TOC methods are available for both liquids and solids, including high temperature combustion for micro and macro solid samples as well as water samples. Hot persulfate and uv-promoted persulfate methods are available for trace TOC in water
  2. Trace implies a detection limit below 1 mg/l (usually 0.05 mg/l)
  3. Quadruplicate analyses required for EPA SW-846-9060
  4. Lloyd Kahn EPA Method
  5. The TOC and SUVA packages include certified sampling bottles, cooler, field blank, fortified sample and laboratory QC and reporting on forms as required by the State of Colorado for sampling one treated and one untreated water source
  6. For State of Colorado reporting, SUVA package also requires the TOC package
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