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Our competencies include:
  • Chemical Analysis
  • Problem Solving
  • Research Consultation
  • Method Development
  • Instrument Development

Employee NDA



Employee Non-Disclosure Agreement


As a condition of employment with Huffman Laboratories (Employer), Employee warrants that any/all information belonging to Employer and/or any Client of Employer, to which Employee may be exposed (e.g. analytical data, product or processes information, formulations, trade secrets, patents, and/or any other form of information — hereinafter referred to as “confidential information”) shall be considered proprietary in nature.  As such, Employee agrees to hold all confidential information in strict privacy and to only disclose any confidential information to an authorized party*.  This covenant shall remain in place during-and-after the term of Employee’s tenure with Employer.  In addition, by signing this agreement, Employee hereby accepts the following stipulations:

Use:  Employee shall not use confidential information in any manner, except as is deemed necessary by Employer to provide services or goods requested by Employer and/or Employer’s Clients.

Termination All materials furnished to Employee by Employer and/or Employer’s Clients, and all materials prepared by Employee in connection with Employee’s tenure with Employer (including without limitation documents, models, source code, designs, flowcharts and listings, and any/all copies made thereof) shall be returned to Employer at the end of Employee’s term of employment.

Ownership:  Employee agrees that any/all intellectual property (e.g. ideas, inventions, method improvements, etc.) created by Employee during the course of Employee’s tenure with Employer shall be the sole property of Employer, and that any/all patents, copyrights, trademarks, and/or other proprietary interests derived therefrom shall likewise be the sole property of Employer.  If, under special circumstances (e.g. inventions that are totally outside of the scope of Employer’s business interests), Employer deems it appropriate to surrender rights to such developments, Employer may give Employee written assignment of rights to said developments.  In such cases, any/all investments in the ownership of said developments (e.g. patent fees, legal fees, etc.), made by Employer, shall be reimbursed to Employer by Employee.


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* An “authorized party” is considered to be anyone that is directly associated with a given  job or sample.